GNU - Entrepreneurship Program


Program Overview

The Entrepreneurship program provides students with the knowledge base needed for exploring and establishing a new business venture, whether in a corporate environment or in a standalone business enterprise. Students explore a number of theories in contemporary business strategy as well as issues that arise from such strategies. From the creation of business enterprise ideas, through the development of a business model, cost structure and operations design, to the communication of the business strategy to others, the subject adopts the unique perspective of the general manager of a firm seeking to establish a strong competitive position. The emphasis is on the improvement of a firm’s competitive environment and resources.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  • Generate business enterprise ideas
  • Design and develop the strategy and business model for a new enterprise
  • Demonstrate the operational and financial feasibility of the venture through a business plan
  • Develop a financial structure for the enterprise
  • Create, build and sustain the organisational capabilities to make the venture a success.