Postgraduate Diploma of Business Administration

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Jason Fitzsimmons

Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship


(MOHE Course Code: R2/340/7/0206) (MQA/FA2060)

(MOHE course validity period: 10 August 2022 – 9 August 2027)


The PG Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) offered by Manipal GlobalNxt University brings together a unique mix of rigorous methods and practise orientation to prepare the learners for leadership roles in the highly competitive field of business and management. The program follows a compact and structured module encompassing the various elements of business management. The course strengthens the learner’s knowledge in core management subjects including finance, marketing management, organisational behaviour, strategic management, and corporate social responsibility to name a few.


Learners are encouraged to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical business scenarios by providing them with compelling opportunities amidst challenging settings. The aim of the PG Diploma in BA program is to develop and boost the managerial abilities of the learners so they emerge as the source of continuous value addition in their organisation.


A perfect mix of theoretical and practical training, learners of the course are motivated to apply contemporary management skills in challenging real-life business situations. The course curriculum has been designed by an eminent panel consisting of prominent academicians and business professionals thereby making the syllabus ideal for those wanting to gain in-depth knowledge about the industry.


The flexible program is suited for working professionals who aim to join the areas of finance, operations, HR, general management, and marketing management.


Core Competencies


Develops Core Competencies

The online PGDBA course focuses on developing and boosting the core competencies of the learners by encouraging them to examine multiple business challenges from different perspectives. Learners are trained to manage businesses, people, processes, and related operations effectively.




All Round Training

The PGDBA course relies on a combination of practical and theoretical training. Learners are expected to work on multiple projects, observe business case studies and attend workshops to develop their industry knowledge.

Global Team of Experts


Prepares to Join a Global Team of Experts

The course curriculum is designed collaboratively by industry experts and academicians thereby covering several aspects of business management, preparing learners to take up prestigious roles in global, multi-cultural teams.



Flexible Learning

As the course is designed for working professionals, the course content is made available online, allowing 24*7 access to the study material. It ensures that learners have the flexibility to study at any time.


  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 on a 4.00 point scale.
  • We accept credit transfer from various accreditated universities subject to approval by the Academic Senate. 


PG Diploma in Business Administration  (Core Subjects)


Managing People and Organisations


Introduction to Financial Reporting & Statement Analysis




Marketing Management




Global & Regional Economic Development


Data Analysis for Managers


Strategic Management


The Assessment Includes:

●      Discussion board participation: 30%

●      Action learning group project: 15%

●      Final integrated project: 15%

●      Final open-book open-web exam: 40%


  • What resources will I have access to?

You will have full access to a dedicated GlobalNxt online library service, which includes all materials required to complete the program, as well as personal assistance to access reference materials and electronic documents.

Recommended or optional reading materials are also available through the online library.


  • How much time should I set aside for study per week?

Study time differs from student to student, depending upon their academic ability and learning style. As a general guide, a typical 4-credit course has a student learning time (SLT) of around 140 hours or about 12 hours per week. Students who develop an effective learning style may require less effort to achieve the stated learning outcomes.


  • How many subjects can I take at any one time?

To make sure you complete your degree in a reasonable timeframe you will be provided with a study plan at the start of the programme to adhere to. For postgraduate programmes, you can normally complete 2 subjects at the same time. For undergraduate programmes, you can normally complete 2 to 3 subjects at a time.


  • How quickly can I complete my program?

Completion of a program at Manipal GlobalNxt University depends on the total number of subjects you are required to complete in your program and the rate at which you complete those subjects.


A Master’s degree requires the completion of 12 subjects. On average, a typical student completes six subjects per year, therefore completing the program in about two years.


Our Flexi-Pace model allows a learner to control the pace of program completion.


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