Fueling Future Leadership

The Corporate Education Program at Manipal GlobalNxt University enables you to address critical challenges and opportunities, by equipping your people and team with an unrivalled capability to deliver success.


At GlobalNxt, we offer a challenging curriculum that synchronizes with the ever-changing global perspective and eminently practical solutions to business challenges through our modules.

We, along with you, develop executive education courses and programs that are strategically aligned with your business values and requirements. Our teaching module and techniques for corporate education go far beyond the classroom and includes several critical parameters like leadership exercises, work exchanges, onsite learning, group dynamics, among others to help your team impact the changing face of global business.

At Manipal GlobalNxt University, we provide an unrivalled breadth of leadership development solutions in the face of digital transformation, unprecedented competition, and globalization.

GlobalNXT - The Leader in Corporate Education

  • Customized approach to make training effective
  • Global students in a single cohort
  • 75 global PhD faculty
  • Highly-rated, high-impact programs
  • Manipal GlobalNxt Center for Banking Excellence
  • Centre for organisational diversity