Global Immersion Programme - July 2015

  • July 10, 2015
  • Banking & Finance

Global Immersion Programme help at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, exclusively for ICICI Bank POs.

Global Immersion Programme help at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, exclusively for ICICI Bank POs.

Global Immersion Programme - July 2015 Global Immersion Programme help at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, exclusively for ICICI Bank POs. When: — Where: Category:

The Global Immersion Programme (GIP) is a unique component of the MBA (Banking and Finance) programme offered by GlobalNxt University. The 2nd GIP was held during 5th to 8th July 2015, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, exclusively for ICICI Bank POs. It was attended by 37 learners who are enrolled into the MBA programme (August 2014). These learners are part of 21st and 22nd batches of ICICI Manipal Academy graduates. Annexure 1, lists the learners who were part of the 2nd GIP.

During the GIP, learners got an opportunity to interact with GNU’s global faculty and engage in peer to peer learning around case study discussions. The expected learning outcomes from the programme were as follows:

  • Gain unique insight into banking practices in the global context
  • Understand the global economic environment and trends
  • Develop financial modelling, governance and ethical insights through case analysis
  • Enhance general leadership skills
  • More effectively manage customer relationships
  • Recognize the need to manage relevant risk in the banking context.

The GIP commenced with a short city tour of Kuala Lumpur. The participants were taken through a guided tour of Kuala Lumpur to appreciate Malaysia’s progress from a conservative country to a progressive business hub in the region.

The GIP opened with the inaugural session that was chaired by Dr Wing Lam, Vice Chancellor, GlobalNxt University. The session was also addressed by Dr Zanuldin Ahmad, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Manipal International University; Dr Habibullah Khan, Professor and Registrar, GlobalNxt University; Dr Jason Fitzsimmons, Dean, Business School, GlobalNxt University and Dr Chinmoy Sahu, Programme Director, MBA (B&F), GlobalNxt University. The inaugural session set the appropriate context among the learners about the significance of the MBA Programme as well as the GIP. The session was well received by the learners as demonstrated in their level of participation during the rest of the programme.

The inaugural session was followed by the session on “Leadership & Ethics” by Dr Wing Lam, Vice Chancellor, GlobalNxt University. The session was an interactive one where participants were asked about their interpretation of an ideal leader. The learners were also divided into competing teams and given a group task to assess their leadership skills.

The next session was on “Global Economic Environment” by Dr Habibullah Khan, Professor of Economics, GlobalNxt University. The session discussed the latest international trends and challenges faced by the global economy and more specifically, the South-east Asian region. The session also provided some insights about the impact of economic difficulties in Greece.

Mr. Sandeep Gupta, HRMG, ICICI Bank addressed the participants, leading them to appreciate the importance of continuing education opportunities that ICICI Bank provided to the POs through unique programmes such as the one offered by GlobalNxt University. The learners were briefed on the efforts that had been put together to customize the programme to meet the specific needs of the POs. The participants were advised to fully utilize the excellent opportunity presented by the GIP by fruitfully interacting with seasoned International faculty resources of the University.

The interactive session on “Financial Modelling” by Dr Chinmoy Sahu engaged the participants in visualizing the impact of various business events on the financials of an entity. During the session, the participants were asked to analyse the effect of various events relating to revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities and equity. The session allowed the participants an opportunity to assess the interrelationships between different components of financial statements.

Finally, the day ended with the session on “Customer Relationship Management for Bankers” by Mr. Shikhar Kotwal, Manipal Global Education Services. The session provided practical tips on enhancing relationship with clients in the financial services industry.

Day 2 commenced by allowing learners to present their analysis of cases dealing with governance and ethics in the banking industry. The learners were divided into six teams who analysed and presented their recommendations of the problems and events presented across three internationally renowned case studies. Dr Jason Fitzsimmons moderated the session and provided further insights on the sensitive topic of ethics.

The second session on day 2 provided an opportunity to the participants to analyse a case study on financial modelling in the context of rural lending in India. The session was moderated by Dr Chinmoy Sahu as participants shared their recommendations on possible strategies to optimize the cost-benefit trade-off associated with appropriate categorizing of credit applicants. The case allowed the participants an opportunity to appreciate application of statistical techniques to create a model for credit analysis of prospective borrowers not having traditional form of credit history.

The participants then embarked on a visit to Maybank Academy campus. After a tour of the academy, the participants were addressed by Dato’ Mohd Hanif Suadi, Senior Executive Vice President, Maybank and Ms. Foo Chek Chan, Vice President & Head, Banking and Technical Skills, Maybank. The learners were exposed to the latest trends in Malaysian Banking Industry and also the south-east Asian region. The trends in service delivery, customer delight and differentiating strategies such as humanizing financial services were well appreciated by the learners.

The learners were back in the Manipal International University campus for the valedictory session where they were awarded certificates of participation in the GIP. The certificates were handed over to the participants by Mr. Sandeep Gupta.

On the final day of the GIP, a guest talk on “Risk Management” was delivered by Mr. Yogaretnam Kanagandram, an ex-banker who shared his experience with the Central Bank of Malaysia. Participants were exposed to various risk management trends in the global as well as Malaysian context.

The MBA Global Immersion Program Participants enjoyed the program and found it to be a meaningful and inspiring immersion in global banking.