Research Interests

Research Interests

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Research Interests

Research projects enable students to conduct research in a specific area under the supervision of a particular faculty member as part of their doctoral program.

Mark Esposito

Mark is interested in the process of economic development and the ability of systems to self-organize towards higher efficiency.

Dr Wing Lam

Wing is interested in how organisations  use and manage information technology to achieve better business outcomes.

Dr Habib Khan

Habib’s research interests lie in the areas of applied economics and policy analysis. He likes to undertake new research projects involving doctoral supervision.

Dr Amy Wong

Amy is interested in how companies can create and capture customer value through the implementation of various marketing management strategies.

Dr Chinmoy Sahu

Chinmoy is interested in identifying the drivers of financial performance of business firms. His research is directed at how business firms measure and communicate their financial performance to investors.

Dr Evelyn Gullett

Evelyn’s is interested in human and organizational systems examining the individual, the organization, and the community by exploring strategic ways to help them to fully develop.

Dr Mamata Bhandar

Mamata’s research interests are mainly in the stream of Knowledge Management (KM) and innovation related to information systems and technology.

Dr Jason Fitzsimmons

Jason’s major research interest is in the field of entrepreneurship, concentrating on the emergence and growth of entrepreneurial ventures.