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Are Organizations Ready For Women Leaders?

From the sole responsibility of taking care of the household to leading some of the biggest companies in the world, women have come a long way. However, there is no denying that women still have a long way to go. Women occupy only 3 percent of leadership roles in the Fortune 500 companies... Continue reading →


Who Run the World? Women!

What is common between Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Oprah Winfrey, Angela Merkel, Indira Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth II and Mother Teresa? These strong, brave women defied the rules around them and made a mark for themselves. They have been an inspiration for many due to their self-belief and determination. So what ... Continue reading →


Employee Engagement – How To Make Your Employees Your Best Assets:

“It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment & helping to find a way to innovate.”–Marissa Mayer The key to sustainability in your organization is to involve and inspire your employees. They must believe that the organization they work for has a goal and a purpose higher than just keeping their … Continue reading →


Dr. Wing Lam answers your questions on Everyday Leadership:

If you missed Dr. Wing Lam’s inspiring talk on Everyday Leadership, you can watch it here Below are answers to the questions that Wing Lam was unable to answer during the session. Hope you find this useful! Leaders … Continue reading →


Transformation of the Online Education Landscape:

A perspective on online education goes mainstream, by Dr. Chinmoy Sahu, Director of Finance Programs, GlobalNxt University The face of higher education is undergoing a transformation. Some may view this transformation as fast paced one while others may view this as a slow paced one. Regardless of the pace, the transformation is taking place surely … Continue reading →


Time for a "Teaching “selfie”?

As educators, we are used to being in front of a class.  I remember a colleague telling me how teaching was akin to giving a stage performance – the proverbial “sage on the stage”! And the more we teach, the more we occupy the centre stage and become the hub around which learning revolves in … Continue reading →


Can Malaysia be a ‘Developed’ Country by 2020?

Article by Habib Khan Though growth does not necessarily reflect real development, Malaysia is a success story in terms of growth performance. The ‘Commission on Growth and Development’ under the sponsorship of the World Bank and Others in its 2008 report (The Growth Report, The World Bank, 2008) included Malaysia within a list 13 economies … Continue reading →


Greg Chappell speaks at the Manipal Global Round Table on Developing Leaders:

"To build new champions, one needs to take risks and put promising next gen players in the big league. It is only by taking that risk, will we give the opportunity for them to live up to a higher expectation, a higher standard’. Manipal Global Round Table on Developing Next Generation Leaders held on 22nd and 23rd of … Continue reading →


Management Styles: Theory X and Theory Y:

“There is nothing more practical than a good theory” according to the social psychologist Kurt Lewin and nowhere might that be truer than in the field of management research. One of these theories is that of Douglas McGregor from MIT whose work on motivational theory in the 1960’s resulted in his two contrasting models of … Continue reading →


Solving the Myth of Work-Life Balance for the Leadership

How many times have you called your subordinate on a Sunday, and the call has been ignored? You know it well that she or he is either pretending the phone to be in silent mode, or is supposedly away to see an ill cousin who doesn’t … Continue reading →


Two Aces of Contemporary Leadership

Warren Bennis, highly regarded as the pioneer of modern day’s leadership studies, once stated that the factor that empowers the people and ultimately determines which organizations succeed or fail is the leadership … Continue reading →


Meet the New Age Women Leader

The custodians of gender egalitarianism would have certainly found comfort in the rise of Theresa May to the helm of UK polity. It gives hope, if not anything, to the rather scantily-sized club of female heads of government. It should not come as a surprise if gender sensitivity finds its way into the agenda of US voters and results to Hillary Clinton … Continue reading →


10 Tenets of Effective Leadership - An Infographic

Leaders are not born differently. It is the experience, which they acquire on their way up the corporate ladder that differentiates them from the rest. The market challenges, organizational management, operational excellence, and business achievements help them grow into an effective leader, while hard work and … Continue to the infographic →

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Are Organizations Ready for women leaders?

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Who Run the World? Women!

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10 Tenets of Effective Leadership

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