“This module helped me understand how women have more opportunities to shape the workplace in a meaningful way...
Making the most of those opportunities will take persistence, persuasiveness, and leadership. It will also take courage. This module highlighted for me, that apart from competence and confidence, courage is also one of the most important leadership virtues.
Contributions from my peers in this group have provided enough food for thought in terms of strategies that women can apply in workplace settings to broaden their leadership influence.
As a leader, I am going to reflect on my current style of leadership and focus on being a balanced leader.
Thank you Dr Gullett for your time, words of encouragement and wisdom! You gave us an amazing experience to ignite change”
-          A student


Crompton Greaves is an engineering conglomerate with an impressive and diverse portfolio of products, solutions and services ranging from high-end power and industrial equipment and solutions, to consumer products and home appliances. A US$ 2 billion company with a reputation for excellence for over seven decades, CG, which originates in India, has transformed itself into a global corporation in nine countries across Asia, Europe and North America. With 8,000 employees, CG is fast emerging as a first choice supplier of high quality, ‘smart’ electrical, industrial and consumer products and solutions all over the world.


CG has embarked upon an ambitious globalization strategy, drawing into its fold, leading international companies such as Pauwels, Ganz, Microsol, Sonomatra, MSE and PTS. Consequent to this globalisation, CG now enjoys manufacturing bases in Belgium, Canada, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, France, UK and US, in addition to more than twenty manufacturing locations in India.


CG has been aggressively investing in R&D, product certifications, product quality, productivity enhancement and operational excellence. CG`s Global R&D centre, located  in India, has been recognised for its innovation and received the  prestigious "National Award for the Best R&D Efforts" for its outstanding achievements in the Electrical Engineering Sector in 2008. CG`s R&D strategy aligns with the company`s global vision, and focuses on creating platform technologies, shrinking product development cycle time and enhancing CG’s intellectual property capital.


Today, CG is a public listed company, among ‘A’ (premier) category of listings on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges of India and its GDRs are listed on the London Stock Exchange, with over 140,000 shareholders.


Crompton Greaves was looking to invest in diversity as an initiative with a program focused on creating a strong pipeline of future women leaders. GNU with its unique pedagogy, provided flexibility and created a global classroom for participants across global locations like India, Indonesia, France, Belgium, Spain, Canada and USA.


The SHINE Executive Certificate of Leadership for Women program is a 28-week global leadership training program specifically designed for women executives. The program equips participants with  sound understanding of the fundamentals of leadership required to meet the challenges of various global industries.


The customized Women Leadership Program has middle-management participants who have been identified as high potential investments and future women leaders in the organisation.


Duration of program: 6 months


Program modules: People Leadership, Ethical Decision Making, Business Communication, Managing Change,  Finance Essentials, Strategic Management for Ethical Decision Making.


Number of participants: 20 students


Program currently in progress.