Habib’s research interests lie in the areas of applied economics and policy analysis. He likes to undertake new research projects involving doctoral supervision. The projects may be related to one or more of the topic areas mentioned below:


  • Globalization and economic development- Global and regional trends in the face of globalization, social indicators, global economic crisis, euro area crisis, role of international agencies, macroeconomic management in developing and emerging economies, India and China in the global economy.
  • ASEAN, NIEs, and Islamic Economies- development performance and country analysis, Lessons from miracle economies, social expenditure and growth, defense spending and growth, exports, FDI, and growth, free trade agreements, education and e-learning for poverty alleviation, policies for promoting knowledge economy.
  • Economics of tourism- social and economic impact, multiplier analysis, Tourism Area Life Cycles (TALC), travel balance, estimation of tourism demand, sustainable tourism.
  • Islamic economics- Islamic banking and finance, modern business ethics and Islamic principles, globalization and Islamic countries, entrepreneurship in Islam.

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