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The appropriate starting point for organisations wishing to ensure that there is a clear alignment between the training and development and the organisation’s strategic goals is a learning-needs assessment.
Members of the university’s global faculty and the Centre for Learning Design have been involved in learning-needs assessment for several large organisations.
The process typically involves talking to a wide range of stakeholders within the organisation such as business heads and senior HR people.

A learning-needs assessment includes:

  • Understanding the near term, medium term and long-term business and strategic goals of the organisation
  • Identifying a road-map of required roles, skills and competencies
  • Examining the current talent and skills pool
    Identifying gaps and shortcomings
  • Aligning current training and develop approaches to the road-map
  • Proposing training and learning solutions and programs
  • Examining appropriate delivery options

A learning-needs assessment is typically conducted over a period of 1 to 2 weeks.

If you have an interest in a learning-needs assessment, please contact info.corporate@globalnxt.edu.my