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Global Learning Services

It provides corporations and educational institutions with a range of learning services primarily around online education.

Many organisations are expressing a significant interest in online education. Academic institutions are looking to expand into online programs or corporations establishing corporate universities. However, for the uninitiated, the learning curve is steep and the risks are high.

Through GlobalNxt, organisations can leverage the university’s online content, technology platform, learning design and general expertise in online education. The specific services offered here include:

  • The development or licensing of online content
  • The provision of an online learning platform
  • Training and development for faculty and trainers to help them develop skills in online learning.

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A framework for HR professionals aiming to set up a corporate university

We recommend that organisations consider the following steps when establishing their own corporate university:

  • Understand goals and objectives of the corporate university
  • Involve internal stakeholders in the consultation process
  • Develop a blueprint for the university mission, structure and organisation
  • Identify required delivery models and capabilities for the university
  • Identify 2-3 key learning programs for initial pilot
  • Understand program needs and requirements and develop, run, monitor and collect feedback on program evaluation
  • Refine university blueprint before rolling out.