Transformation of Online Education Landscape

Transformation of Online Education Landscape

Transformation of the online education landscape

A perspective on online education goes mainstream, by Dr. Chinmoy Sahu, Director of Finance Programs, GlobalNxt University

The face of higher education is undergoing a transformation. Some may view this transformation as fast paced one while others may view this as a slow paced one. Regardless of the pace, the transformation is taking place surely and steadily. The best part is that no one can escape this transformation.

Clearly, three factors are contributing significantly to this transformation. Firstly, the pressing need to learn while one works. Certainly, in an age of multi-tasking, learning cannot be left far behind. Secondly, learning has to be affordable and accessible to all. In other words, the opportunity to learn should not be constrained by cost of education or access to it. Finally, the learner needs to be given the freedom to decide where and when to learn. Obviously, technology is making all this and more possible. As a result, the power of eLearning is there for everyone to see and experience.

Recently, a Linkedin post highlighted how one of the reputed B-schools took longer to understand the transformational power of eLearning. The post clearly explains how one of the pioneers of business education has finally realized that eLearning is not just a term but is an effective medium of learning as well. We are fortunate to be living in an era where eLearning is demolishing the traditional constraints of learning. It is therefore entirely up to us to exploit its advantages to the maximum for our own benefit.

We all know by now that change is the only constant in today’s competitive world. What separates success from failure is how we adapt or lead the change. It is one thing to make a mistake, another thing to regret and quite another thing to ignore mistakes altogether!