Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement: How to make your employees your best assets

“It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment & helping to find a way to innovate.”–Marissa Mayer

The key to sustainability in your organization is to involve and inspire your employees. They must believe that the organization they work for has a goal and a purpose higher than just keeping their external stakeholders happy. This can be achieved only when your organization fosters trust and helps the employees feel that they’re just as important. Encouraging employees in their day to day lives can contribute to gaining personal satisfaction and will also help them commit to your company better. This will in turn lead to more productivity.

According to Gallup, an American research-based global consultancy company, companies engaged in workforces have higher earnings per share (EPS) and seem to have recovered from the recession at a faster rate. Research group Bersin reported that organizations spend some $720 million per year on employee engagement proving that the Leadership strongly believes in Employee Engagement as an integral part of organizational growth. Engaging employees can also help familiarize them towards your Company’s objectives and goals.

3 simple things that can drive up Employee Engagement:

  1. Onboarding as a Cohort – During the onboarding process both the big things and little things matter. Make this a fun affair, you can start by splitting up the employees into cohort groups and then encourage them to share their expectations and individual goals.
  2. It has always been noted that one of the driving forces that motivates an employee to perform better is an increased sense of growth. Employees who feel that they are learning and growing as professionals on a day to day basis are the ones who are engaged. As a Manager, it is your duty to take time and effort to share your knowledge and experience with your reportees. Encourage your employees to learn on their own and allow them to explore their prospects through online training programs. Finally, give them the opportunity to take on tougher tasks and roles even before they are ready for it.
  3. Nothing keeps employees engaged as does a pat on the back. People like to know that they are doing well, and are contributing to the organization. This is not about award functions, but about speaking to the employee. Managers should spread the good word about employees who display excellence in their performance. Create an environment where each individual is known for what he is good at. Eventually, the more you do for your employees as a Manager, the more they will be encouraged to perform better.

The success to Employee Engagement does not lie in whether or not your company can afford to invest in Employee Engagement but whether your company can afford not to invest in it. The more you give them room to grow, the more productive they prove to become. Involve the leadership to inspire your employees and let them feel that they are a part of something bigger.

It is also important to keep in mind that the engagement they are involved in should be aligned to the goals of your organization and this will help them row in the same direction as the company.