Centre for Learning Design

Centre for Learning Design

Designing the learning experience around the learner

The Centre for Learning Design (CDL) plays a central role in the design of the learner user experience. The CDL is comprised of a dedicated team that includes learning technologists, instructional designers, multimedia specialists and content managers. The CDL works closely with faculty and content authors who typically provide the learning materials for digitisation.

The work of the CDL revolves around the global, interactive online pedagogy that is the used by the university. The course development processes typically begins with content writing. This content is organised into learning topics based on learning outcomes. The content is then digitized into online content. A number of strategies are used in this process. For example, animations and scenarios might be used to better convey information.

Interactions might also be developed to better engage the learner and promote active thinking. Multimedia such as audio and video might also be incorporated at specific points in the learning process.

All the courses at the university are developed through the CDL. All content is structured as reusable learning objects which are stored in a learning repository.

The CDL also plays a role in managing the university’s online learning platform and the various learning tools that are available to students and faculty.