Completion of a program at Manipal GlobalNxt University depends on the total number of subjects you are required to complete in your program and the rate at which you complete those subjects.


    A Master’s degree requires the completion of 12 subjects. On average, a typical student completes six subjects per year, therefore completing the program in about two years.


    Our Flexi-Pace model allows a learner to control the pace of program completion.

    To make sure you complete your degree in a reasonable timeframe you will be provided with a study plan at the start of the programme to adhere to. For postgraduate programmes, you can normally complete 2 subjects at the same time. For undergraduate programmes, you can normally complete 2 to 3 subjects at a time.

    Study time differs from student to student, depending upon their academic ability and learning style. As a general guide, a typical 4-credit course has a student learning time (SLT) of around 160 hours or about 12 hours per week. Students who develop an effective learning style may require less effort to achieve the stated learning outcomes.

    You will have full access to a dedicated Manipal GlobalNxt online library service, which includes all materials required to complete the program, as well as personal assistance to access reference materials and electronic documents.

    Recommended or optional reading materials are also available through the online library.

    At Manipal GlobalNxt University we provide students with a study plan so that they can complete their degree in a reasonable amount of time. If, for whatever reason, you need to take an extended break you may apply for a leave of absence with the Registrar’s Office.

    The University will consider the transfer of credits at the time of admission only. Credit must be obtained at an equivalent level and depth of study. Transferred credits will be counted towards your qualification but will not be included in your grade point average.

    Absolutely. At Manipal GlobalNxt you get to network and interact with your classmates who come from varied backgrounds and learn from their experiences. You will be part of a global classroom with classmates and faculty coming from around the world. Our pedagogy is based on co-learning or peer-to-peer learning, an activity which is assigned 30% of grades in all subjects in the program.

    Manipal GlobalNxt University is a registered University with the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and its degree programmes are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Authority (MQA). The university is also a member of recognised bodies such as the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE).

    The programs offered by Manipal GlobalNxt University have been endorsed by 100+ corporates across the globe, including Shangrila, Acer, Indian Oil Corporation, Aditya Birla Group, Infosys, Tata Group Companies and more. We have more than 12,000 graduates from around 72 different countries who have enjoyed the experience of learning with us, and have gone on to achieve success in their careers. Some of these graduates are now leading business units or entire companies and doing very well for themselves.

    Yes there are scholarships available. Please fill the enquiry form to know more. Our admissions team will get in touch with you immediately.

    Students who complete the MBA program with us can transfer credit towards CIMA certification via the Gateway programme. Students will gain full credit towards CIMA @ Management Level – students only need to pass the CIMA Management Case Study Exam for the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.

    The professor will help you identify topics that might be worthy of research. Ultimately, the decision is yours and we recommend that you focus your research on an area that you are passionate about.