Welcome to Manipal GlobalNxt University!


Flexible, anytime, anywhere and on-demand learning is the key to dominate in today’s business world which is increasingly experiencing disruptive forces in the VUCA environment. Manipal GlobalNXT University has been a pioneer in delivering flexible learning experiences to corporate executives and individuals through its masters and doctorate level programs.


Our highly customized modules integrate closely with the learners’ work environment, thereby improving professional output instead of hindering it as used to be the case with traditional learning methods. Using an optimized mix of self-paced and peer-to-peer learning pedagogy we use technology to deliver a truly authentic work integrated learning experience. Driving this transformation are our world class professors who are carefully drawn from different regions of a truly borderless world made possible by using cutting edge learning technologies.


Looking back at this exciting journey which commenced two decades ago, it gives us an immense sense of accomplishment to realize the difference that we have made in the lives of our students hailing from 72 different countries across the world!



Dr Chinmoy Sahu

Vice Chancellor,

Manipal GlobalNxt University