GNXT - Academic governance


University Board

The University Board is the highest executive authority within the University. It ensures that the University fulfils its mission in an effective and responsible manner.

Academic Council

The Academic Council is the highest academic authority within the University and is instrumental in ensuring that the University fulfils its mission.

Through standards, frameworks and process, the Academic Council ensures that key decisions are fairly discussed amongst academic stakeholders and that high standards of academic quality are maintained. At the same, it provides the structure to support and promote continuous innovation in teaching, research and external engagement.

The Academic Council has responsibility for the following:

  • Overseeing the academic structure of the university including the creation of new schools and centres
  • The formation of academic committees, their terms of reference and their membership
  • The launch of new, and renewal of existing, academic programs
  • Establishment of the quality assurance processes used to ensure the quality of the overall learning experience
  • Adoption of pedagogical and assessment strategies used to achieve and measure learning outcomes
  • The setting of admission standards for entry onto programs
  • The setting of graduation standards used to gain successful exit from
  • The appointment of faculty members.
  • The Academic Council is chaired by the University President or nominee and includes the school Deans and other senior academics.


Academic Committees

The Academic Council delegates much of operational and implementation activity to academic committees. Academic committees typically deal with important academic issues that affect the university as a school. The Academic Council identifies a Chair for each academic committee. Academic committees report back accordingly to the Academic Council and, where required, make recommendations to the Academic Council.


Schools have the responsibility for the delivery of academic programs. Each school is represented by a Dean who has a seat in the academic council.

Regulatory Approval

All programs must have regulatory approval before being offered.