MSc IT Management

MSc in IT Management

Master of Science in Information Technology Management (N/482/7/0044)

Developing leaders who can align IT strategy with business goals

The MSc in IT Management (MITM) programme prepare individuals for a range of IT-related management roles such as IT project manager, technology consultant, systems analyst, IT strategist and IT director.

The programme has a distinct management rather than purely technical focus and bridges the gap that often exists between IT and business. The programme is particularly well suited to IT professionals whose job involves close interaction with non-IT and business people.

Participants on the MITM programme typically have between 5 to 15 years experience of work experience in IT.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this programme, students should be able to:

  • Examine business problems from an IT perspective
  • Align IT plans and objectives with business plans and objectives
  • Formulate strategic and tactical recommendations for the use of IT to improve business performance
  • Plan and organise IT-related projects, activities and initiatives
  • Make decisions based on organisational factors to ensure the successful deployment of IT solutions
  • Collaborate effectively with both IT and non-IT stakeholders as part of a project team


Using our Flexi-Pace model, students typically complete the programme in 18 to 24 months but can complete the programme in as quick as 12 months.

The normal candidature period is 3 years, but students can study beyond the normal candidature period via extended candidature


Students are required to complete a total of 12 subjects comprising of 7 core (mandatory) subjects, any 3 elective subjects and a management research project (worth 2 subjects).

Core subjects

Elective subjects (select 3)

Research Project 


Please see the full admission requirements.

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