75 global PhD faculty

An interactive and engaging learning experience delivered by GlobalNxt faculty brought together from the best institutions across the world.

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    Dr. Wing Lam

    Technology Management (Singapore)

    Vice Chancellor, Dr. Lam held senior consulting roles at Accenture and Logica and has published over 80 articles.


    Dr. Jason Fitzsimmons

    Entrepreneurship (Australia)

    Dean of the Business school at GlobalNxt University and a serial entrepreneur with significant industry experience.


    Dr. Mark Esposito

    Business Strategy (USA)

    Founding Director of the Lab Center for Competitiveness, a think tank affiliated with Harvard Business School.


    Dr Habibullah Khan

    Economics and Finance (Singapore)

    Taught Economics at the National University of Singapore from 1982 to 2004

  • kent-millington

    Dr. Kent Millington

    MBA/Entrepreneurship (United States)

    Angel investor and President of IPDevPro, which specialises in evaluation and commercialisation of intellectual property.


    Dr. Theodore Kariotis

    Economics and Finance (United States)

    Has more than six years of online teaching experience, and taught an entire semester on a floating university – the Semester at Sea programme.


    Dr. Sivakumar Venkataramany

    Finance and Banking

    is a Visiting Professor of International Finance at the Universidad del Pacifico, Ecuador and Southern California University.


    Dr. Binay Bhushan Chakrabarti

    Finance and Banking

    is a Professor of Finance at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta, served as a consultant for Asian Development Bank.

  • Sabam-Hutajulu

    Dr. Sabam Hutajulu

    Finance and Banking (Indonesia)

    Senior Manager, Treasury, at Pertamina Energy Services Ltd Singapore, member of the American and the Indonesian Accounting Associations.


    Dr. Helen Lange

    Finance and Banking (Australia)

    Currently Professor Emeritus, she was earlier Dean, Business Management Programmes and Director, U21 Liaison at U21Global.


    Dr. Chinmoy Sahu

    Finance and Banking (India)

    Assistant Dean for Finance Programmes, his areas of research include learning technologies, financial reporting and behavioural finance

    Dr. Sunil K. Parameswaran

    Finance and Banking (India)

    Corporate trainer and consultant, has taught at leading business schools in the US, Singapore, Australia and India.

  • Dr. Michael Tan

    Information Technology (Singapore)

    Principal consultant at iQ-eQ Solutions, currently working on knowledge management projects at Nanyang Technological University

    Dr. Vinita S. Sahay

    Marketing (India)

    Professor of Marketing at IMT Ghaziabad, with 18 years of experience in teaching, research, training and consulting.

    Dr. France HoMok Cheong

    Software Systems and Strategy (Australia)

    Senior lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne, specialises in modelling and simulation of business and other systems.


    Dr. Freddy Lee

    Marketing (United States)

    Is a full-time tenure track faculty at California State University

  • Dr-kanishka-bedi

    Dr. Kanishka Bedi

    Operations (India)

    He was the Co-Director of the Management Programme for Entrepreneurs and Family Businesses jointly with IIM, Bangalore


    Dr. Ioannis Lagoudis

    Operations (Greece)

    Adjunct lecturer at the University of the Aegean and the Hellenic Open University, research interests include maritime and transport logistics.


    Dr. Lloyd Williams

    Leadership and Organisations

    Is CEO at the Institute for Transformative Thought and Learning, an international think tank in EU and the US.


    Dr. Purnendu Mandal


    has more than 20 years of teaching, research and consulting experience in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK and the US.

  • Dr-kamna-malik

    Dr. Kamna Malik

    Software Systems and Strategy (India)

    Professor of IT Strategy, her current research areas are software quality, strategic Information Systems and eLearning.


    Dr. Clemens Bechter

    Marketing (Thailand)

    Seconded by the German Government as Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Management, Asian Institute of Technology (Bangkok).


    Dr. Alok Mishra

    Software Systems and Strategy (Turkey)

    Professor at Atilim University, Ankara, his research areas include software engineering, information systems, and ICT education.


    Dr. Reema Khurana

    Software Systems and Strategy (India)

    Associate Professor, Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, with 16 years of experience as a software consultant.

  • Dr-amy-wong

    Dr. Amy Wong

    Services (China)

    Professor of Services Marketing, responsible for the management of faculty affairs at U21Global and has earlier taught at Lingnan University, Hong Kong.


    Dr. Yunus Kathawala

    Strategy (United States)

    Teaches Operations Management at the School of Business, Eastern Illinois University, and is adjunct faculty at University of South Australia.


    Dr. Ricardo Lim

    Technology Leadership (Philippines)

    Associate Dean and Associate Professor for the W. SyCip Graduate School of Business, Asian Institute of Management.


    Dr. Joseph Santora

    Leadership and Organisations

    MD at a leading consulting firm, he completed post-doc at Harvard University and New York University

  • Dr-Carol-Connell

    Dr. Carol M. Connell

    Leadership and Organisations

    Earned her MBA from the prestigious Columbia University Business School


    Dr. Sununta Siengthai

    Human resources (Thailand)

    Teaches at the business school at the Asian Institute of Technology and has a PhD in Labor and Industrial relations.


    Dr. Mamata Bhandar

    Information Technology (Singapore)

    Professor of Information Systems with over 6 years of experience at the prestigious National University of Singapore and many years of industry experience.


    Dr. Vatcharaporn Esichaikul

    Information Technology (Thailand)

    Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Management at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

  • ZlatkoKovacic

    Dr. Zlatko Kovacic

    Information Technology (New Zealand)

    Associate professor at The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, Wellington, currently focusing on social and cultural aspects of IT.


    Dr. Shawn Shan

    Information Technology (Singapore)

    Has a PhD and years of teaching experience at National University of Singapore.


    Dr. Murli Nagasundaram

    Innovation and Creativity (United States)

    He has an MBA from IIM Kolkata, a PhD from Univ of Georgia and is certified in the Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Methodology.


    Dr. Karin Iris Sixl-Daniell

    International Business

    Is a member of the Advisory Panel to the Citigroup-INSEAD Financial Education for Women initiative

  • Dr-Evelyn-Gullett

    Dr. Evelyn Gullett

    Leadership and Organisations (United States)

    Has a PhD in Human and Organisational Systems from the prestigious Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California.


    Dr. Matthias Huehn

    Marketing (Germany)

    Professor of Management at Kühne Logistics University, Hamburg, he focuses on the customer-company interface and its strategic implications.


    Dr. Khurram Sharif

    Marketing (Qatar)

    Associate Professor of Marketing with Qatar University’s School of Business & Economics, with extensive B2B marketing and corporate strategy.


    Dr. Tomas Gómez-Arias

    Marketing (United States)

    He has an MBA fromColumbia University,US, and is a lecturer at Santa Clara University, USA.

  • Julia-R.-Galosy

    Dr. Julia Galosy

    Leadership and Organisations

    A former Adjunct Professor at Columbia University and New York University, she has consulted with IBM, Nabisco, Wal-Mart and AC Nielsen, among others.


    Dr. Amjad Ali

    Human Resources (United States)

    Manager of Continuing Education & Designation Programs at the American Council of Engineering Companies, Washington, DC.

75 global PhD faculty

75 global PhD faculty

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